White Velvet by Julie Bell

12th Annual ARC Salon (2016-2017)

Julie Bell

White Velvet


91.44 x 106.68 cm | 36 x 42 in

Oil on wood

  • ARC Purchase Awards ($24,000)
  • Honorable Mention / Animals

"This horse's name is Charmer and he belongs to my friend, Whip. As I painted and brought this image to life in my studio, I also brought along the very morning I met Charmer. Every time I look at this painting, all of my senses replay an exact recording of that day's particular unique quality of air and sun, the pounding beats of Charmer's hooves, the water from the last night's rain splashing on me, the excitement in my heart at seeing Charmer prance around, snorting and delighting in these same elements. I'm overcome with gratitude for that moment." - Julie Bell